Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery (Oto-HNS) will be covered in the TOPIC and ICE components of the program in both first and second years of medical school.  The clerkship clinical experience occurs during third year and is a one week rotation during an 8 week block that includes: Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine.  In the final year of medical school Oto-HNS makes up a component of both the Fusion and Transition to Residency courses.

This teaching will be academy based, i.e.:

Academy Hospitals associated with the Academy
Peters-Boyd Academy Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Base), North York General Hospital.
Fitzgerald Academy Unity Health Toronto - St. Michael's Hospital (Base), St. Joseph's Health Centre, Markham Stouffville Hospital, The Scarborough Hospital.
Wightman-Berris Academy University Health Network & Sinai Health (Base), Humber River Regional Hospital, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Michael Garron Hospital, William-Osler Health System.
Mississauga Academy of Medicine Trillium Health Partners (Base).

Course Objectives

  • To demonstrate ability to take and record a complete Oto-HNS history and exam.

  • To be able to perform a complete Oto-HNS exam as is performed routinely on all patients with complaints of the head and neck and to be able to arrive at a tentative clinical diagnosis.

  • To be able to differentiate between life-threatening, serious and minor conditions and to initiate treatment of common Oto-HNS conditions.

  • To recognize the necessity for referral to specialists in this field and to be familiar with the methods of special investigation of Oto-HNS complaints.

  • To be familiar with the various modalities of treatment used in Oto-HNS.

Methods of Evaluation

  • Clinical evaluation of general medical knowledge as it is applied to the Oto-HNS patient, ability to perform a specific Oto-HNS general clinical exam and record the findings. The student's approach to patients and fellow clinicians will be assessed.

  • The student will be required to demonstrate his/her proficiency in performing an Oto-HNS exam.

  • A short answer exam (Curriculum B).

  • Completion of Case Logs.