Dept Administration

Dr. Ian Witterick, Professor and Chair
Dr. Paolo Campisi, Vice Chair Education and Director of Postgraduate Education
Dr. Eric Monteiro, Assistant Program Director
Dr. Alain Dabdoub, Vice Chair Research
Dr. Allan Vescan, Undergraduate Director
Dr. John Lee, Co-Director, Undergraduate Education (Post-Clerkship)
Dr. Bradley Hubbard, Co-Director, Undergraduate Education (Pre-Clerkship)
Dr. Yvonne Chan, Director of Continuing Professional Development
Dr. Raymond Ng, Director of Sleep Medicine
Dr. Janet Chung, Liaison for Community Academic Faculty
Audrea Martin, Business Officer
Sonia Valente, Executive Assistant to the Chair and Departmental Administrator
Andrea Donovan, Education Coordinator
Aviva Lev Aviv, Events Coordinator