Graduate Education

There are opportunities within our department to study towards higher university degrees, Masters, PhD. Many of our faculty (listed below) hold School of Graduate studies (SGS) appointments and can supervise graduate students through the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) or other SGS affiliated departments/institutes. Our department, as with most clinical units, does not have direct SGS affiliation. 

Graduate trainees can be non-clinical, they can be residents or fellows in clinical training or they can be healthcare professionals seeking new horizons.

A typical pathway for entry into graduate studies is to find a thesis supervisor in your area of interest and discuss possible research opportunities. The entry requirements, rules and regulations that apply will depend on the host SGS affiliated institute. A link to IMS is provided below.

Residents training in our department program should discuss any research thesis plans well in advance with the Program Director, as there will be funding and scheduling issues to contemplate. Potential research proposals are typically formulated by or with the (SGS appointed) thesis supervisor, but can be usefully reviewed by the Departmental Research Committee to provide further advice. Departmental faculty with suitable expertise will be available to participate in thesis supervisory committees.