Awards and Honours

We have a number of awards and scholarships in the department.
Click on the name of the award or scholarship to view a brief description of it as well as past recipients.

Alma Smitheringale Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

To be awarded to a faculty member, resident or fellow for outstanding undergraduate teaching or curriculum development in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery.

2011-12 to Dr. Alma Smitheringale
2012-13 to Dr. Paolo Campisi
2013-14 to Dr. Albino Chiodo
2014-15 to Dr. Vito Forte
2015-16 to Dr. Molly Zirkle
2016-17 to Dr. Allan Vescan
2017-18 to Dr. Aman Grewal
2018-19 to Dr. Jeffrey Mendelsohn
2019-20 to Drs. Dale Brown, John de Almeida, Jonathan Irish and R. Jun Lin
2020-21 to Dr. Modupe (Dupe) Oyewumi
2021-22 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2022-23 to Dr. Aman Grewal
2023-24 to Dr. R. Jun Lin

​Chapnik, Freeman and Friedberg Clinical Scientist Program Award

To be awarded to a resident/fellow (who are postgraduate MD trainees) or junior faculty in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery enrolled in a Master of Science or Master's in Education, Master's of Health Science, or PhD degree at the University of Toronto, to pursue advanced research training.  Special consideration will be given subject to approval of the committee to a candidate who wishes to carry out his/her academic commitment at an institution other than the University of Toronto.

2004-05    to Dr. Evan Propst
2005-06    to Dr. Evan Propst
2006-07    to Dr. Sharon Cushing
2007-08    to Dr. Allan Vescan
2008-09    Not granted due to economic conditions
2009-10    Not granted due to economic conditions
2010-11    to Dr. Jennifer Guillemaud
2011-12    to Dr. Antoine Eskander
2012-13    to Dr. Antoine Eskander
2012-13    to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
2013-14    to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2014-15    to Dr. Jenny Wang
2015-16    to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2016-17    to Dr. Peter Dixon
2017-18    to Dr. Jennifer Siu
2018-19    to Dr. Christopher Noel
2019-20    to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2020-21    to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2021-22    to Dr. Joel Davies
2022-23    to Dr. Janet Chung
2023-24    to Dr. R. Jun Lin

Distinguished Alumnus Award

To be awarded to an alumnus in recognition of having demonstrated an exceptional commitment and dedication to the practice and teaching of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and whose professional ethical standards have been of the highest order

1996-97 to Dr. Arnold Noyek
1997-98 to Dr. Wilfred Goodman
1998-99 to Dr. Jacob Friedberg
1999-2000 to Dr. Michael Hawke
2000-01 to Dr. Peter Adamson
2001-02 to Dr. Robert Macdonald
2002-03 to Dr. Douglas Snell
2003-04 to Dr. Ronald Fenton
2004-05 to Dr. William El Masri
2005-06 to Dr. Jerry Chapnik
2006-07 to Dr. David Ellis
2007-08 to Dr. Kris Conrad
2008-09 to Dr. Vito Forte
2009-10 to Dr. Ian Witterick
2010-11 to Dr. Al Chiodo
2011-12 to Dr. Jonathan Irish
2012-13 to Dr. Oakley Smith
2013-14 to Dr. Julian Nedzelski
2014-15 to Dr. Jeremy Freeman
2015-16 to Dr. Brian Tatham
2016-17 to Dr. Ralph Gilbert
2017-18 to Dr. Everton Gooden
2018-19 to Dr. John Rutka
2019-20 Not awarded
2020-21 to Dr. David Goldfarb
2021-22 to Dr. Yvonne Chan
2022-23 to Dr. Vincent Lin
2023-24 to Dr. Andres Gantous

Dr. Dale Brown Peer Wellness Advocate Award

The Dr. Dale Brown Peer Wellness Advocate Award, established in 2023 by distinguished alumnus Dr. Brian Rotenberg in honour of Dr. Dale Brown’s excellence in advocacy for resident wellness and life experience, serves to acknowledge and honour a resident for their outstanding efforts in advocating for the wellness of their peers.

2023-24 to Dr. Chantal Li

Dr. Ian Witterick Excellence in Mentorship and Innovation Award

To be awarded to a resident or fellow in our program for excellence in one or more of the following areas: research, education, mentorship  and/or innovation.

2019-20 to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2020-21 to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2021-22 Not Awarded
2022-23 to Dr. Jong Wook Lee
2023-24 to Dr. Tanya Chen and Dr. Christopher Noel

Dr. Ian Witterick Research Award in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

Awarded to one to two residents, fellows or graduate students per year in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Toronto to attend a national or international scientific meeting, ideally to present their work. One award will be presented to the person receiving the Best Overall Research Award at the department’s annual research day and the second award may be awarded to another category winner chosen by the research day adjudication committee.

2021-22  Dr. Christopher Noel and Jackie Ogier
2022-23  Dr. Mandolin Bartling and Matsya Thulasiram 
2023-24  Dr. Tanya Chen and Dr. Justine Philteos


Faculty Teacher of the Year Award

Awarded to a faculty member for excellence in teaching and education with contribution made at a level of undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing education.

1994-95 to Dr. Ronald Fenton & Dr. Jonathan Irish
1995-96 to Dr. Dale Brown
1996-97 to Dr. Joseph Chen
1997-98 to Dr. Vito Forte & Dr. Andres Gantous
1998-99 to Dr. Manohar Bance
1999-2000 to Dr. Ralph Gilbert
2000-01 to Dr. Joseph Chen
2001-02 to Dr. Jeremy Freeman
2002-03 to Dr. Michele Carr & Dr. Ian Witterick
2003-04 to Dr. Al Chiodo & Dr. William S. Crysdale
2004-05 to Dr. Oakley Smith
2005-06 to Dr. William El Masri
2006-07 to Dr. William S. Crysdale
2007-08 to Dr. Joseph Chen
2008-09 to Dr. Julian Nedzelski & Dr. Molly Zirkle
2009-10 to Dr. Blake Papsin
2010-11 to Dr. Patrick Gullane
2011-12 to Dr. John Lee
2012-13 to Dr. Adrian James
2013-14 to Dr. Allan Vescan
2014-15 to Dr. Vincent Lin
2015-16 to Dr. John de Almeida
2016-17 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2017-18 to Dr. Yvonne Chan
2018-19 to Dr. Antoine Eskander
2019-20 to Dr. Danny Enepekides
2020-21 to Dr. Joseph Chen
2021-22 to Dr. Trung Le
2022-23 to Dr. Kevin Higgins
2023-24 to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter

Fellow Teacher of the Year Award

This award is available to a fellow in our program who is judged to have been an outstanding teacher to residents and medical students during their fellowship.

2014-15 to Dr. Andrew Foreman
2015-16 to Dr. Christopher Chin
2016-17 to Dr. Han Zhang
2017-18 to Dr. David Low
2018-19 to Dr. Ashok Jethwa
2019-20 to Dr. Matthew Crowson
2020-21 to Dr. Justin Lui
2021-22 to Dr. Mirko Manojlovic Kolarski
2022-23 to Dr. Demir Bajin
2023-24 to Dr. Joaquin Ulloa

Freda Noyek Otolaryngology Merit Award

To be awarded in recognition of special commitment to patient care and/or academic achievement.  Ideally, the award would be provided for a combination of both. 

1986-87 to Dr. Joseph Warshawski
1987-88 No Award Given 
1988-89 to Dr. Jean Davidson
1989-90 to Dr. David Finkelstein
1990-91 to Dr. Warren Giberson
1991-92 to Dr. Ian Witterick
1992-93 to Dr. Borys Hoshowsky
1993-94 to Dr. Robert Mounsey
1994-95 to Dr. Blake Papsin
1995-96 to Dr. Clifford Fabian
1996-97 to Dr. Al Chiodo
1997-98 to Dr. Nadita Batchra
1998-99 to Dr. Linda Tietze
1999-2000 to Dr. Wei-Li Hu
2000-01 to Dr. Michael Chang
2001-02 to Dr. Anil Katyal
2002-03 to Dr. David Goldstein
2003-04 to Dr. Vincent Lin
2004-05 to Dr. Marshall Hay
2005-06 to Dr. Allan Vescan
2006-07 to Dr. Xerxes Punthakee
2007-08 to Dr. Manish Shah
2008-09 to Dr. Taryn Davids
2009-10 to Dr. Eitan Prisman
2010-11 to Dr. Ashlin Alexander
2011-12 to Dr. Dustin Dalgorf
2012-13 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2013-14 to Dr. Janet Chung
2014-15 to Dr. Vinay Fernandes
2015-16 to Dr. Antoine Eskander
2016-17 to Dr. Peter Dixon
2017-18 to Dr. Joel Davies
2018-19 to Dr. Neil Arnstead
2019-20 to Dr. Jennifer Siu
2020-21 to Dr. Jong Wook (John) Lee
2021-22 to Dr. Vincent Wu
2022-23 to Dr. Justine Philteos
2023-24 to Dr. Grace Yi

Harry Barberian Scholarships

2023 Recipients

Mandolin Bartling for "AI-Powered Fluoresence Imaging for Surgical Guidance: Oral Cancer Post-Excision Margin Evaluation"
Tanya Chen for "The Impact of Patient-specific Surgical Cutting Grades on Pathological Margin Status: A Prospective Study on Virtual Surgical Planning in Head and Neck Cancer"
Hugh Kim for "Optimizing Angles and Minimizing Bite Forces for Long Term Stability for Mandibulectomies: A Sawbones Pilot Project"
Daniel Mul for "Smart Materials for Button Battery Impaction Protection"
Gianluca Sampieri for "Use of Smartphone Infrared Thermography to Identify Medial Sural Artery Free Flap Perforators and Assist in Free Flap Planning"

2020 Recipients

John de Almeida for "A Feasibility Trial of Lymphatic Mapping with SPECT-CT for Evaluating Contralateral Disease in Lateralized Oropharynx Cancer"
Guodong Fu for "Molecular Testing for Malignancy in Cytologically Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules Using Multiplexed and Ultrasensitive Digital PCR and qPCR Platform"
Robert Harrison for "Hearing Loss Caused by Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection: Investigation of the Final Stages of Pathogenesis"
Chantal Li for "Tracheostomy Emergencies Simulation Course: Testing the Effect of Integrated Instruction on Knowledge Acquisition and Retention Among Emergency Medicine Physicians Undergoing Complex Simulations"
Thomas Looi for "Development of Training Model for Managing Internal Carotid Artery Hemorrhage and Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks During Sinus Surgery:
Emillia Luca for "Human Inner Ear Sensory Organs: Regenerative Response at Single Cell Resolution"
Sebastian Ranguis for "RNA-Based Diagnostics for Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Treatment Stratification"
Edward Sykes for "Liquefaction: A Proof-of-Concept Adjuvant Strategy for Cholesteatoma Eradication"
Matsya Thulasiram for "Prevention of Norrie Disease-Associated Hearing Loss Using Gene Therapy"
Vincent Wu for "Levels of Nasal Nitric Oxide and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyposis"
Priyanka Prince Yogarajah for "Brain Activity During Auditory Working Memory in Cochlear Implant Users"
Hedyeh Ziai for "Inflammation and Microbiome in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

2019 Recipients

Neha Chauhan for "A novel approach to deliver therapeutics to the inner ear using MRI-guided focused ultrasound"
Justin Cottrell for "Gene expression profiles as non-invasive measure of adult cochlear implant performance"
Peter Dixon for "Eliciting health state utility values for the novel Health Utility Index Hearing attribute"
Christopher Noel for "Linking symptom burden with emergency room visits and unplanned hospitalizations in patients with head and neck cancer"
Brandon Paul for "Testing for improvements of cognitive ability following cochlear implantation: Evidence for hearing restoration as a strategy to reduce the risk of dementia in older adults"
Amr Hamour for "Opioids in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery"
Terence Fu for "Cost-effectiveness of endoscopic endonasal versus transcranial approaches for olfactory groove meningioma"
Guodong Fu for "Molecular testing of BRAF mutation in thyroid cancers using multiplexed and ultrasensitive digital PCR detection based on fine needle aspiration biopsy from thyroid nodules"
Neil Verma for "Shifting paradigms: Competence by Design and its impact on resident evaluations and feedback - A pilot study"
Nikolaus Wolter and Alex Osborn for "Development and analysis of an in vivo model of lymphatic malformations in vertebrates"
Vincent Wu and Daniel Lee for "Nasal nitric oxide as a biologic marker for long-term mucosal health in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery"
Hedyeh Ziai and Carissa Thomas for "Mapping the oral cavity microbiome in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma"
Jong Wook Lee and David Goldstein for "A personalized genomic approach to treatment-related hearing loss in head and neck cancer patients"
Joel Davies and Matthew Kang for "Vision-based flap planning software tool for reconstructive head and neck surgery"
Shireen Samargandy for "Innovation of an anatomically-accurate thyroid and neck model for simulation of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsies"


2018 Recipients

Peter Dixon for "Development of a condition-specific utility instrument for hearing impairment"
Antoine Eskander for "Thyroid surgery quality of care in Ontario: Impact of Cancer Care Ontario's Quality-Based Procefure (QBP) Program"
Guodong Fu for "MicroRNAs in oral squamous cell carcinoma: development of non-invasive molecular tesing for early diagnosis of oral cancer"
Trung Le for "Magnetic targeting of paramagnetic contrasts in the inner ear for MR imaging and therapy"
Daniel Lee for "The clinicopathological, radiological and patient-centered criteria for outpatient vs inpatient superficial parotidectomy"
Jun Lin for "Blue light laser: A comparative study on vocal fold scarring in a rat model"
Emilia Luca for "Characterization of a potential new hearing gene"
Christina McMillan & David Howarth for "The diagnostic value of immunohistochemistry to detect the BRAF V600E mutation in noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclei (NIFTP), encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma and encapsulated classic variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma with a predominantly follicular growth pattern"
Jaina Negandhi for "How are otoacoustic emissions generated?"
Christopher Noel for "Artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict extranodal extension on computed tomography imaging in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma"
Christpher Noel for "Development and implementation of a clinical care pathway for head and neck oncologic surgery: A quality improvement initiative"
Christopher Noel & Florence Mok for "Identifying the hearing needs of the homeless and marginally housed population of Toronto's Central Local Health Integration Network: A pilot study"
Neil Verma & Yelda Jozaghi for "Evaluation of the peri-tumoral inflammatory microenvironment for patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma"
Nikolaus Wolter & Alex Osborn for "Molecular targets of rapamycin in lymphatic endothelial cells"
Josie Xu for "Illustrating Otolaryngology-Creating reputable resources for Canadian Otolaryngology patients"

2017 Recipients

Andrew Dimitrijevic for "Brain responses to naturalistic stimuli when testing adults with cochlear implants"
Guodong Fu for "Development of diagnostic miRNA signatures to improve surgical selection on thyroid nodules with indeterminate fine needle"
Christopher Hong & Joel Davies for "Impact of nasoseptal flap harvest technique on olfaction following endoscopic transphenoidal pituitary surgery: A single-blinded"
Trung Le for "Magnetic targeting delivery of stem cell and gene therapies for the treatment of hearing loss:
John Lee for "Olfactory Outcomes following Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) for Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyposis (CRSwNP)"
Andrew Ma for "Percutaneous Tracheotomy in Tertiary Community Hospital"
Jaina Negandhi for "The origins of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions"
Arushri Swarup for "Developing Novel Instrumentation to Facilitate Transcanal Endoscopic Ear Surgery"
Jason Xu for "Use of a Thyroid Ultrasound Simulator for Teaching UGFNAB of Thyroid Nodules"
Xiao Zhao for "Elucidating the role of CD36 as a master regulator of extracellular matrix regulation: Implications for Fibrosis Therapy"

2016 Recipients

Dr. Yael Bensoussan for "Compare the effect of autologous platelet products and epidisc on tympanic membrane perforation healing in office-based tympanoplasties", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Yael Bensoussan for "Develop a web platform and appliacation for smartphone to optimize the quality of care for surgical patients for the 10 most common otolaryngology surgeries", Sinai Health System
Dr. Paolo Campisi for "Medical simulation and independent learning - piloting OtoSim 3.0", SickKids
Dr. Stephen Chen for "Assessment of emergency referrals to otolaryngology-hns at tertiary centres in the GTA", Trillium Health Partners
Mr. Michael Daly for "Enable translation of promising imaging technology for blood vessel imaging into the operating room", University Health Network
Dr. John de Almeida for "Circulating tumour DNA trends following post-operative wound infection after oral cavity resection and neck dissection for oral cavity SCC", University Health Network
Ms. Carolyn Falls for "Subjective Visual Vertical test", University Health Network
Mr. Guodong Fu for "Identification of novel microRNAs as molecular drivers in malignant transformation in oral dysplasia", Sinai Health System
Drs. Weibo Hao and Jonathan Yip for "Curcumin and nigella sativa as novel add-on therapies for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis: two pilot studies", St. Michael's Hospital
Drs. Bradley Hubbard and David Pothier for "Create a neurovestibular simulator capable of mimicking common vestibular pathology for learning and simulation", Michael Garron Hospital and University Health Network
Dr. Ophir Ilan for "Recording human vestibular evoked potentials", University Health Network
Dr. Yelda Jozaghi for "Are markers of epithelial mesenchymal transition related to pattern of invasion in patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma", University Health Network
Dr. George Kurien for "Safety of intratympanic fludrocortisone injections in a mouse model", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Drs. Mirko Manojlovic Kolarski, Sunita Rai, Josie Xu, Frederick Laliberte, and Joel Davies for "Develop a pre-operative education checklist to optimize intraoperative teaching/learning, enhance resident involvement in surgical cases, designate resident level specific learning expectations and to establish a comprehensive framework to assess the progress of intraoperative skill acquisition", Sinai Healthy System
Ms. Joanna Mulvaney for "Identification of candidate therapeutic molecules to regenerate components of the damaged organ of Corti", Sunnybrook Research Institute
Ms. Jaina Negandhi for "Tonotopic bands revealed by c-fos immuno-labeling; a mouse model", SickKids
Drs. Jennifer Wang, Paul Dufort and Jeffrey Blumberg for "Establishing a radiomics signature to predict low-grade versus high-grade primary salivary gland carcinomas", University Health Network/JDMI
Dr. Josie Xu for "Efficacy of patient education videos in parents of children with aural atresia", SickKids
Dr. Xiao Zhao for "Utilizing metabolic alterations induced by adipose derived stromal cells to identify novel drugs for the treatment of radiation fibrosis", University Health Network



2015 Recipients

Dr. Yael Bensoussan for "Web/smartphone app to improve perioperative experience", Sinai Health System
Mr. Mattia Carraro for "Olivo cochlear efferents and sound localization", SickKids
Mr. Guodong Fu for "MicroRNAs and oral dysplasia:, Sinai Health System
Mr. Ruishuang Geng for "Hair cell regeneration in the vestibular system using Wnt/notch pathways", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Gilad Horowitz for "Biological marker for matted nodes", University Health Network
Dr. Ophir Ilan for "Recording human vestibular evoked potentials", University Health Network
Dr. Fatima Jessa for "In Vitro Analysis of ER Maleate as a Novel Anticancer Agent for Oral CA", Sinai Health System
Dr. John Lee for "Nitric oxide levels in ESS patients", St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Andrew Ma for "Radiolucent mouth retractor", University Health Network
Dr. Kayvan Nateghifard for "Microlaryngoscopy simulator", St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Teppei Noda for "Reprogramming of spiral ganglion cells into neurons", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. William Parkes for "Stimulation of vestibular system by cochlear implants", SickKids
Dr. Jennifer Wang for "Expression of chromatin proteins in primary OSCC tumors", University Health Network
Dr. Christopher Yao for "Harnessing vaccuum technology in otolaryngology", SickKids
Dr. Xiao Zhao for "Adipose derived stromal cells and reversal of radiation fibrosis", University Health Network


2014 Recipients

Dr. Michael Au for "Prognostic Significance of HPV in Carcinoma of Unknown Primary", University Health Network
Dr. Alain Dabdoub for "Focusing on Atoh1 to Identify its Partners and Downstream Targets", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. John de Almeida for "Prospective Trial of Transoral Robotic Lingual Tonsillectomy", University Health Network
Dr. Gavin le Nobel for "Effect of Glucocorticoids on Vestibular System", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. John Lee for "Nasal Airflow Lab", St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Vincent Lin for "Characterization of the Effect of CI on Vestibular Function in the Elderly", Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Drs. Shazia Peer & Nikolaus Wolter for "Mastoid Pneumatization: A Novel Method of Volumetric Assessment", SickKids
Dr. David Pothier for "Toronto DVA Test Goggles", University Health Network
Dr. Evan Propst for "Tracheal stenosis - tissue engineering", SickKids
Dr. Gordon Tsang for "Waiting for Sinus Surgery: A mixed methods study of psychological impact", St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Jennifer Wang for "Chromatin remodeling and H&N SCCa", University Health Network
Dr. Xiao Zhao for "Role of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for Reversal of Radiation Fibrosis", University Health Network

Hugh Barber Scholarship in Otolaryngology

To be awarded to an undergraduate student in the final year of the M.D. program who has demonstrated excellence and interest in the area of Otolaryngology during the elective period.

2000 to Mr. Ryan Mai
2001 to Mr. Kenny Ngo
2002 to Mr. Cory Torgerson
2003 to Ms. Sharon Cushing
2004 to Mr. Xerxes Punthakee
2005 to Ms. Jane Lea
2006 to Ms. Raewyn  M. Seaberg
2007 to Mr. Dustin Dalgorf
2008 to Mr. Eric Monteiro
2009 Not awarded
2010 to Ms. Jenny Wang
2011 to Ms. Sarah Hugh
2012 to Ms. Jane Ridley
2013 to Mr. Jonathan Yip
2014 to Mr. Peter Dixon
2015 to Mr. Joel Davies
2016 to Mr. Christopher Noel
2017 to Mr. Daniel Joonil Lee
2018 to Mr. Weining Yang
2019 to Ms. Chantal Li
2020 to Ms. Justine Philteos
2021 to Mr. Gianluca Sampieri
2022 to Ms. Emily Cheng
2023 to Mr. Ryan Daniel
2024 to Mr. Ben Levy

Judy Chauvin Otolaryngology Resident Award

To be awarded to a postgraduate trainee who most clearly demonstrates an enthusiastic interest in the initiation of a serious otolaryngology related research project.  The award must be in the form of a travel and accommodation bursary to attend the ARO midwinter meeting held in Florida each year.

2000-01 to Dr. Vincent Lin
2001-02 to Dr. Aimee Mabini
2002-03 to Dr. Brian Rotenberg
2003-04 to Dr. Evan Propst
2004-05 to Dr. Sharon Cushing 
2005-06 to Dr. Taryn Davids
2006-07 to Dr. Philip Lai
2007-08 to Dr. John de Almeida
2008-09 to Dr. Sharon Morong
2009-10 to Dr. Thileep Kandasamy
2010-11 to Dr. Lukas Kus
2011-12 to Dr. Sarah Hugh
2012-13 Not awarded
2013-14 to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
2014-15 to Dr. Peter Dixon
2015-16 to Dr. Joel Davies
2016-17 to Dr. Christopher Hong
2017-18 to Dr. Jennifer Siu
2018-19 to Dr. Daniel Lee
2019-20 to Dr. Vincent Wu
2020-21 to Dr. Edward Sykes
2021-22 to Dr. Justine Philteos
2022-23 to Dr. Tanya Chen
2023-24 to Dr. Elysia Grose

Kris Conrad Merit Award in Facial Plastic Surgery

To be awarded to a trainee for outstanding achievements in the field of research, and perseverance in attaining the highest level of expertise in the performance of Facial Plastic Surgery.

2000-01 to Dr. Stephen Wall 
2001-02 to Dr. Corey Moore
2003-04 to Dr. Ravi Dahiya
2004-05 to Dr. Jason Litner
2005-06 to Dr. Cory Torgerson
2006-07 to Dr. Linda Maxwell 
2007-08 to Dr. Maya Sardesai
2009-10 to Dr. Ali Sepehr
2010-11 to Dr. Kian Karimi
2011-12 to Dr. Nitin Chauhan
2012-13 to Dr. James P. Bonaparte
2013-14 to Dr. Noah Sands
2014-15 to Dr. Elaheh Akbari
2015-16 to Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily
2016-17 to Dr. David Sarcu
2017-18 to Dr. Eric Carniol
2018-19 to Dr. Rosa Lipin
2019-20 to Dr. Chew Lip Ng
2020-21 to Dr. Giriraj Sharma
2021-22 to Dr. Hedyeh Ziai
2022-23 to Dr. Mohammed Jomah
2023-24 to Dr. Keon Parsa

Nimeck Otolaryngology Award

The fund supports residents in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, with preference given to those who have an interest in hearing loss and/or skull base tumours.

2020-21 to Dr. Edward Sykes
2021-22 to Dr. Adam Kwinter
2022-23 to Dr. Jong Wook Lee
2023-24 Not awarded

Raymond H. W. Ng Graduate Scholarship

To be awarded to a graduate student (international or domestic) enrolled in a (full-time or part-time) MSc program at the University of Toronto associated with the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. Special consideration will be given subject approval of the committee to a candidate who wishes to carry out his/her academic commitment at an institution other than University of Toronto

2013-14 to Dr. Jennifer Wang
2014-15 to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2015-16 to Ms. Fatima Jessa and Ms. Anshula Samarajeewa
2016-17 to Dr. Peter Dixon
2017-18 to Dr. Peter Dixon
2018-19 to Dr. Yael Bensoussan
2019-20 to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2020-21 to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2021-22 to Bahar Golbon
2022-23 to Boaz Ehiogu
2023-24 to Weisheng (Alice) Liang

Raymond H. W. Ng PhD Scholarship

To be awarded annually to a graduate student (international or domestic) enrolled in a PhD program (full-time or part-time) in the University of Toronto associated with the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery

2013-14 to Ms. Melissa Polonenko
2014-15 to Mr. Mattia Carraro
2015-16 to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2016-17 to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2017-18 not awarded
2018-19 not awarded
2019-20 to Dr. Matsya Thulasiram and Dr. Christopher Noel
2020-21 to Dr. Christopher Noel
2021-22 to Ms. Melissa Hazen
2022-23 to Priyanka Prince and Robel Alemu
2023-24 to Melissa Hazen and Matsya Thulasiram

Resident Advocacy Award

It seeks to recognize an individual faculty member who particularly demonstrated commitment to advocacy in the residency program. 

The recipient will have:
•    demonstrated a commitment to improving the residency program
•    consistently maintained excellent rapport with residents
•    supported the resident role in the clinical setting and during interprofessional interactions

2012-13 to Dr. Ian Witterick
2013-14 to Dr. Yvonne Chan
2014-15 to Dr. Vincent Lin
2015-16 to Dr. John Lee
2016-17 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2017-18 to Dr. Paolo Campisi
2018-19 to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
2019-20 to Dr. Ian Witterick
2020-21 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2021-22 to Dr. Danny Enepekides
2022-23 to Drs. Antoine Eskander & Eric Monteiro
2023-24 to Dr. Joel Davies

Resident Teacher of the Year Award

This award is available to a PGY5 resident in our program who is judged to have been an outstanding teacher to other residents and medical students during their residency.

2010-11 to Dr. John de Almeida
2011-12 to Dr. Adrienne Wong
2012-13 to Dr. Eric Monteiro
2013-14 to Dr. Aman Grewal
2014-15 to Dr. Vinay Fernandes & Dr. Lukas Kus
2015-16 to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
2016-17 to Dr. Michael Au
2017-18 to Dr. Jonathan Yip
2018-19 to Dr. Yael Bensoussan
2019-20 to Dr. Joel Davies and Dr. Mirko Manojlovic Kolarski
2020-21 to Dr. Neil Arnstead
2021-22 to Dr. Justin Cottrell
2022-23 to Dr. Amr Hamour
2023-24 Dr. Dongho (Brian) Shin

Wharton Head & Neck Research Award

To be awarded in recognition of the best paper in head and neck oncology.

2002-03 to Dr. Nathalie Audet (Fellow)
2003-04 to Dr. Kenneth Yip (Dr. Fei-Fei Liu’s Lab)
2004-05 to Dr. Patricia Reis (Dr. Suzanne Kamel-Reid’s Lab)
2005-06 to Dr. Kenneth Yip (Dr. Fei-Fei Liu’s Lab)
2006-07 to Dr. Jane Lea (PGY2)
2007-08 to Dr. Hisayuki Kato (Dr. Fei-Fei Liu’s Lab)
2008-09 to Dr. Jane Lea (PGY4)
2009-10 to Ms. Emma Ito (Dr. Fei-Fei Liu’s Lab)
2010-11 to Dr. Dustin Dalgorf
2011-12 to Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
2012-13 to Dr. Antoine (Tony) Eskander
2013-14 to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2014-15 to Dr. Sarah Hugh
2015-16 Not awarded
2016-17 to Dr. Xiao Zhao
2017-18 to Dr. Yelda Jozaghi
2018-19 Not awarded
2019-20 Not awarded
2020-21 to Dr. Hedyeh Ziai
2021-22 to Dr. Christopher Noel
2022-23 to Dr. Justine Philteos
2023-24 to Dr. Hugh Kim

Wilfred Goodman Award in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

to be awarded to a resident or fellow who is undertaking their education and research in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

2015-16 not awarded
2016-17 to Dr. David Sarcu
2017-18 to Dr. David Chan, McGill and Dr. Eric Carniol
2018-19 Not awarded
2019-20 Not awarded
2020-21 Not awarded
2021-22 to Dr. Corliss Best
2022-23 to Dr. Jin Soo Song
2023-24 to Dr. Marc Levin