Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

This award is presented to those University of Toronto otolaryngology alumni who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment and dedication to the practice and teaching of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery and whose professional ethical standards have been of the highest order.

The recipient is selected by the community academic faculty and is presented with a plaque at the Annual Percy Ireland Dinner. A plaque hangs in the universtiy office with the names of all the recipients since the awards inception.

2017-18 to Dr. Everton Gooden
2016-17 to Dr. Ralph Gilbert
2015-16  Brian Tatham
2014-15  Jeremy Freeman
2013-14   Julian Nedzelski
2012-13  Oakely Smith
2011-12  Jonathan Irish
2010-11  Albino Chiodo
2009-10  Ian Witterick
2008-09  Vito Forte
2007-08  Kris Conrad
2006-07  David Ellis
2005-06  Jerry Chapnik
2004-05  William El Masri
2003-04  Ronald Fenton
2002-03  Douglas Snell
2001-02  Robert Macdonald
2000-01  Peter Adamson
1999-2000  Michael Hawke
1998-99  Jacob Friedberg
1997-98  Wilfred Goodman
1996-97  Arnold Noyek