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Face the Future™ Foundation

Changing the Face of the Future, One Child at a Time
...humanitarian surgical missions to less developed countries
Dr. Peter Adamson

A surgical team of seven was sent to Ulyanovsk, Russia in May 2012, as well as a team of ten to celebrate the 20th anniversary to Ekaterinburg, Russia in October 2012. The Foundation also had a pilot mission to Antigua, Guatemala in April 2012 and another pilot mission to Kigali, Rwanda in July 2012. They will be sending a mission of seven to Kigali, Rwanda in early February 2013 and have another similar-sized mission to Ulyanovsk, Russia in June 2013.

The focus of their mission is to operate on children with congenital, traumatic or post-ablative facial deformities. They have also extended their mandate to take other surgeons and paramedical professionals such as anaesthesiologists, oculoplastic surgeons, speech pathologists, social workers, etc. so that they might not only improve the care of the individual child but also teach the local surgeons so that over time their standards of care can be elevated.

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Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO)

Building bridges of professional networks....
Dr. Arnold Noyek

The Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO) is a Canadian registered, charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO), based at the University of Toronto at the Faculty of Medicine and at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and at York University in the Faculty of Health.

CISEPO's mission is to promote international development by advancing health education, health care, health care systems, scientific exchange, research and public health thus connecting Canada to over 45 countries globally.

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Smile China Project

Smile China is a Canadian based international organization performing cleft palate and lip surgery to kids in rural areas of China whose families could never afford to pay the costs themselves. Founded by internationally renowned Torontonian Dr. Joseph Wong, the Smile China Project takes volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff from around the globe to China. The team brings state of the art techniques to disadvantaged children whose lives are immeasurably improved as a result.
Smile China works in cooperation with local medical authorities, sharing their expertise and experience, so that they may carry on such charitable work in their own country.

Our vision is to reach these children while encouraging communities to develop self-sufficiency and independence. Our hope is to ultimately change the social responsibility mentality in the country, to encourage and recognize philanthropy so that Chinese doctors will be able to respond to problems in their own community year-round.

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