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About Electives

Thank you for your interest in an elective experience with the Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery (OTO-HNS) at the University of Toronto. As the largest program in the country, we have elective opportunities spanning all aspects of OTO-HNS, and we encourage you to explore them with us.

Step 1: In order to organize a medical student elective within our department, you must follow the process and guidelines laid out by the U of T Faculty of Medicine, which is detail here: http://pg.postmd.utoronto.ca/applicants/apply-for-elective-training/  This route can take some time, so please be sure to plan ahead and apply early.

Step 2: At the same time that you apply for an elective through the University of Toronto, contact the following hospital coordinators listed below.

Step 3: Please send an e-mail to Andrea Donovan (ohns.educationcoordinator@utoronto.ca), to let us know the details of your elective application (dates and, if applicable, with whom you have requested an elective); furthermore, if you are denied an elective or encounter any difficulties, please also e-mail Andrea Donovan to let her know. This will allow us to address any roadblocks that you might experience while proceeding through the formal elective application process.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our department. We look forward to having you visit us on elective. Good luck, and best wishes!

hospital site admin CONTACt email
The Hospital for Sick Children Anne Rodriguez-Hall


Sinai Health System Dorian Lucchetta dorian.lucchetta@sinaihealthsystem.ca
Michael Garron Hospital
(formerly Toronto East General Hospital)
Roselle Matriz-Arancillo arubamatriz14@gmail.com
North York General Hospital Manish Shah manish.shah@nygh.on.ca
St. Michael's Hospital Julie Chapman chapmanj@smh.ca
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Oriana Canario oriana.canario@sunnybrook.ca
Trillium Health Partners Yvonne Chan y.chan@utoronto.ca
University Health Network Laura di Liddo laura.diliddo@uhn.ca


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