Postgraduate Electives

Trainees register as elective residents at the University of Toronto in order to satisfy a specified part of the requirements of the ongoing residency training program in which they are enrolled at their home institution.  Elective training is short-term training that does not exceed 6 months in duration.

 Eligibility for Licensure

In order to be considered for elective training, applicants must be eligible for a certificate authorizing postgraduate education (an educational-type medical license) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), the body which regulates the practice of medicine in Ontario.

The CPSO’s requirements for the licensure of elective residents vary, depending on the applicant’s school of medical degree graduation and on the home institution where the applicant is enrolled in ongoing residency training.

Work Permit Requirement for International Trainees

Applicants who are accepted for elective residency training at the University of Toronto will require a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for the full duration of their elective training if they are not Canadian citizens or do not have Canadian permanent resident status.

Please send an e-mail to Michael Figueiredo (mike.figueiredo@utoronto.ca), to let us know the details of your elective application (dates and, if applicable, with whom you have requested an elective); furthermore, if you are denied an elective or encounter any difficulties, please also e-mail Michael Figueiredo to let him know. This will allow us to address any roadblocks that you might experience while proceeding through the formal elective application process.


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