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Dr. Ralph Gilbert, Chair


Members, Drs. Ralph Gilbert(Chair), Douglas Chepeha, Dale Brown, Jean Davidson, John de Almeida, Danny Enepekides, Jeremy Freeman, Patrick Gullane, David Goldstein, Kevin Higgins, Jonathan Irish, Ian Witterick, Al Vescan, and Eric Monteiro.

The Division of Head and Neck Oncology at the University of Toronto continues to have an extremely productive clinical and academic program. The clinical and academic programs are located at three sites. The Princess Margaret/UHN site with surgical services at the Toronto General Hospital; the Princess Margaret/Sinai Health System with surgical services at the Mt. Sinai.

The division directs an American Head and Neck Society Advanced Training Fellowship program under the leadership of Dr. Jeremy Freeman. This highly sought after fellowship program with six clinical rotations and one research position, draws applicants from around the world and develops and trains the future leaders of our sub-specialty.

The PMH/UHN site provides tertiary/quaternary services in Head and Neck Oncology within the largest regional program in Canada. The PMH/UHN site provides a complete spectrum of head and neck services including Endocrine, Microvascular surgery and minimally invasive approaches including Robotics.

The departments at UHN and the Sinai Health System are pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Monteiro to our group. Eric trained at the University of Toronto and completed a H&N and Skull Base Fellowship under Dr. Witterick’s supervision. Eric’s academic focus is outcomes research and quality and safety and his primary appointment for clinical care is at the Sinai Health System.

The PMH/UHN program has a strong multidisciplinary translational program, with four core labs focused on different aspects of Head and Neck Oncology. This program has been strongly supported by the PMH Foundation with key donations from the Joe Findlay and Wharton endowments.

The PMH/Sinai Health System continues to offer tertiary/quaternary Head and Neck Services with an internationally acclaimed program in endocrine oncology. Drs. Witterick, Vescan, de Almeida and Monteiro in collaboration with the UHN neurosurgery group provide a world-class program in MIS skull base surgery at Sinai Health System and the Toronto Western Hospital. The Sinai Health System has an active and extremely productive molecular oncology program in endocrine and oral cancer.

The Sunnybrook/Odette site offers tertiary/quaternary Head and Neck Oncology Services including Endocrine and Microvascular Surgery. The group at Sunnybrook also has a major presence in the Odette multidisciplinary Skin Malignancy Site Group. Dr. Kevin Higgins is the site chair for Head and Neck at Sunnybrook. The group continues to collaborate with the UHN group and has an active research program in molecular imaging and outcomes research. Dr. Danny Enepekides is the Head of Surgical Oncology at the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook, one of the leading departments in the country.

The University of Toronto Head and Neck Division had a very productive academic year. Our collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in presenting the annual Current Concepts Meeting continues and involves a broad spectrum of our faculty. The meeting in Toronto in November 2015 was a great success with tremendous support from CPD director, Dr.Yvonne Chan.

The division’s staff continues to be highly sought after speakers with presentations in the past year at a number of high profile Head and Neck meetings including; AHNS, and numerous national and international societies. Dr. Irish just completed his role as Chair of the International Head and Neck Meeting put on the by the American Head & Neck Society in July of 2016, and will also serve as Vice- President of the AHNS and President in 2017-2018. Dr. Gilbert has been elected President-Elect of the International Association of Oral Oncology and will serve as President in 2017.

The division continues to thrive providing world-class clinical programs to the region and the province.The division through its academic programs continues to have a national and international presence providing leadership in Advanced Head and Neck training and improving the care and survival for patients afflicted with Head and Neck malignancies.

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