Department of Otolaryngology

Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

This award is presented to those University of Toronto otolaryngology alumni who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment and dedication to the practice and teaching of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery and whose professional ethical standards have been of the highest order.

The recipient is selected by the community academic faculty and is presented with a plaque at the Annual Percy Ireland Dinner. A plaque hangs in the universtiy office with the names of all the recipients since the awards inception.

2017-18 to Dr. Everton Gooden
2016-17 to Dr. Ralph Gilbert
2015-16  Brian Tatham
2014-15  Jeremy Freeman
2013-14   Julian Nedzelski
2012-13  Oakely Smith
2011-12  Jonathan Irish
2010-11  Albino Chiodo
2009-10  Ian Witterick
2008-09  Vito Forte
2007-08  Kris Conrad
2006-07  David Ellis
2005-06  Jerry Chapnik
2004-05  William El Masri
2003-04  Ronald Fenton
2002-03  Douglas Snell
2001-02  Robert Macdonald
2000-01  Peter Adamson
1999-2000  Michael Hawke
1998-99  Jacob Friedberg
1997-98  Wilfred Goodman
1996-97  Arnold Noyek