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Ms. Vicky Papaioannou, Chair

2014-15 Program Report

The Audiology Committee is composed of a strong group of audiologists dedicated to research, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and continuing medical education within the department. Members of the Audiology Committee under the leadership of Susan Druker provided audiology teaching as part of the Otolaryngology curriculum for the undergraduate medical students. The core lecture series for the otolaryngology residents took place again in the fall. “Audiogram of the Month” continued for another year expanding to include vestibular cases as well. Kids2Hear, a combined program involving undergraduate medical students and members of our department returned in 2014-15. The students and many members of our department participated in hearing screening at several different Toronto elementary schools as well as a follow up clinic at SickKids. Stacey Weber, audiologist working in the Strategic Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and Pranesh Chakraborty, a physician from CHEO certified by the Royal College in Medical Biochemistry and Paediatrics were this year’s speakers for the Krista Riko Lecture. They presented on screening for hearing impairment in Ontario and the possible changes to both hearing screening and newborn screening in general.

The Audiology Committee held its annual meeting at The Hospital for Sick Children in the fall. Various topics of interest were discussed such as the Committee’s role within the department, content of the undergraduate and core lecture series as well as the Kids2Hear Program and Audiogram of the Month.

The Audiology Committee members for the 2014-2015 academic year were:

Hospital for Sick Children
Susan Druker, Karen Gordon, Gina Goulding, Laurie MacDonald, Vicky Papaioannou (Chair)

Sinai Health System
Ida Bennett, Dana Parker, Nadia Sandor, Eloise Thurier, Erica Wong, Jill Witte

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Julija Adamonis, David Shipp, Kari Smilsky, Ken Williams

University Health Network
Maxine Armstrong

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