Goals and Objectives


University Health Network
PDF iconUHN_PGY3_Goals_&_Objectives.pdf (307.86 KB)
PDF iconUHN_PGY4_goals_and_objectives.pdf (307.99 KB)
PDF iconUHN_PGY5_Goals_and_Objectives.pdf (385.92 KB)

Sinai Health System (Mount Sinai Hospital site)
PDF iconMSH_PGY-3_Goals_&_Objectives.pdf (308.48 KB)
PDF iconMSH_PGY-5_Goals_and_Objectives.pdf (301.57 KB)

Sickkids Hospital
PDF iconHSC_PGY-3_Goals_&_Objectives.pdf (310.02 KB)
PDF iconHSC_PGY4_Goals_and_Objectives.pdf (307.68 KB)

St. Michael's Hospital
PDF iconSMH_PGY4_goals_and_objectives.pdf (396.51 KB)

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
PDF iconSHSC_PGY3_Goals_&_Objectives.pdf (309.9 KB)
PDF iconSHSC_PGY4_goals_and_objectives.pdf (309.2 KB)
PDF iconSHSC_PGY5_Goals_and_Objectives.pdf (389.73 KB)

Michael Garron Hospital
PDF iconTEGH PGY5 Goals and Objectives.pdf (313.62 KB)

Trillium Health Partners
PDF iconTrillium_ goals & objectives_PGY3_15Nov11.pdf (239.26 KB)

PEF (Pathology-Elective-Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery/Sleep Medicine


PGY2-PGY4 residents are required to attend core teaching/academic half day every Friday 9am-12pm.  The curriculum covers all major specialties in otolaryngology - head & neck surgery; including head & neck, laryngology, paediatrics, audiology, otology & neurotology, rhinology, and facial plastic & reconstructive surgery.  The course content is delivered by faculty members, fellows, invited speakers, and visiting professors.

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